Isle of Wight Festival 50thAnniversary sculpture project

Celebrating the musicians who wrote the soundtrack to our time.

I am creating a sculpture that celebrates one of the great international festivals. The concept is to collect the hand prints of musicians who performed and mosaic them on to large panels. The first panel will celebrate the early years 1968,69 and 70, and a second panel 2002 -2020.

The festivals took place in 3 different sites on the Island and the hand prints will radiate out from the different locations with the visual effect of sound waves. 

Each panel will be 2.4 mtr X 1.5 mtr and will include around 100 hand prints. 

The hand prints will have a symbol and colour that represents the musician or band contained with in it.

The Isle of Wight festival started in 1968 with Arthur Brown and Jefferson Airplane headlining. An audience of 15,000 enjoyed the event at Godshill.

1969 took place a Wootton where Bob Dylan headlined with an audience of 150,000.

1970 was the big event with Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Jethro Tull all performing, with an estimated 600,000 in the audience.

The festival was stopped by an act of parliament, before returning in 2002.

I would like to thank for their support:

All the musicians who donated hand prints.

Dimbola Museum, John Giddings of Solo Management, Marshall Amps, Victoria Hansen for the research, Neal Scrase for graphic design, website build and printing.

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